The Trustees have decided to slow the process down with the development of The Hub.

In September 2012 we began an extensive 3-month process to select an architect and a builder. Once the selection was made we worked with both to develop a specific plan to up fit the 51,000 square foot building at 800 East Main Street, Dallas, NC 28034 (The Hub). This plan was completed a few weeks ago and included everything that would be needed to up fit the current structure to house a fully licensed Day Care, After School Programs, Sunday AM Worship Gatherings, Sunday AM Children’s Ministries, Local Mission Ministries, etc.

However, the current plan assumes up fitting the current structure is the best short term and long term use of your generous financial donations to fulfill the vision God has given Venture to revitalize southeast Dallas and connect people from all over the region to the person and cause of Christ. The only way we can know that it’s the best approach is to fully research and compare alternate approaches such as to demolition the worst part of the current structure and replace that part with a metal building, or, demolition the entire structure and replace it with a metal building, or, leave the entire structure in place and attach a metal building for worship and athletic use and up fit the existing warehouse for classrooms, mission outreach needs, non-profit partnerships, etc., etc. etc.

In the end, the Trustee’s may very well recommend the exact plan we currently have, however, if they do, they will be able to assure the church that alternate approaches for the use of the property were fully researched and considered. I have given my full support to this effort and I’m excited our Trustee’s are taking their leadership commitment this serious. They want nothing more or nothing less than to see the vision God has given to Venture absolutely busting at the seems! Therefore, I urge you to pray for them over the next few months. These are certainly men who passionately long for God’s will to be done so there is a great burden on their shoulders to know whatever is finally recommend to you is truly what God has called Venture to do.

Let’s Go Man Go!
Austin Rammell
Lead Pastor, Venture

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