Human Nature

Failure - Romans Bible Study

January 20, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Romans 1:18-32 |


If you want to know why religion fails look no further than what it means to be human.

Human Nature

By nature mankind suppresses the emotions stirred by the knowledge of God in order to be at peace with rejecting God! (1:18-20)

By nature mankind intellectually rationalizes the rejection of God’s authority in order to justify the creation of his own gods that mankind has authority over! (1:21-27)

By nature mankind values the approval of man more than God. (1:28-32)

Conclusion: It is in the nature of all mankind to serve ourselves rather than God. Therefore, any man driven effort to glorify God (religion) will always fail because in the end it will really be about glorifying ourselves. By nature mankind rejects God for himself!


Are you defining morality by your terms (“religious” or not) or are you submitting to God and thus submitting to his terms?

Identify the areas and ways in your life that you are rejecting the authority of God, be honest about the price you, your family and those around you are paying for it, and then repent and claim God’s grace!

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