It’s Always Been Grace Through Faith | Sunday, February 17, 2019

February 17, 2019 |

Romans 4:1-25

If Grace is the bridge to everything then how do we cross the bridge?

It’s Always Been Grace Through Faith

Moses taught that righteousness came apart from the Law! (4:1-11a)

The testimony of Abraham wasn’t that Israel would ultimately be the people of God but rather the Church! (4:11b-22)

In the same way God considered Abraham righteous for trusting God to do what He said, you and I are counted righteous if we by faith surrender to God trusting that Christ’s death and resurrection accomplished what our works could not! (4:23-25)


Faith requires that we believe that what Christ did is all that needs to be done for me to deserve a relationship with God. Are you a believer who can’t enjoy knowing God because you keep trying to do things to deserve Him? Are you one who has never given your life to Christ because you feel like there is no way God could forgive you or because you’re scared you will fail in the future? The challenge is the same – trust God at His Word!

Christ: the Work of Grace | Sunday, February 10, 2019

February 10, 2019 |

Romans 3:21-31

God demands righteousness, but we can never erase our own sin. So, what bridges the gap between God and man?

Christ: The Work of Grace

Christ’s work, not ours, is the only work by which we can be made righteous. (Romans 3:21-22a)

Christ’s work is the gracious payment of our failure to meet God’s righteous expectations. (Romans 3:22b-26)

Christ’s work is why God’s grace is just. (Romans 3:25b-31)

  • It provides salvation to people before and after Christ. (3:25b-26)
  • It provides salvation to people with or without the Mosaic Law. (3:27-31)


How much do you truly appreciate that Christ has paid the price and created the bridge of Grace? We don’t earn God’s favor but if we truly believe it is Christ’s work that has suffered the wrath of God on our sin, then something should be leaping forward out of our faith that sincerely proclaims our gratitude for the bridge that He has made for us?

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