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There is a huge difference between being alive and living so it’s no wonder that the purpose of the Gospel is to RESTORE us to actual living! We hope to see you Sunday as we begin our walk through the book of Titus and learn all about God’s plan for living!


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The Bible: What is Its Purpose?

February 18, 2018 |

2 Timothy 3:12-17

What level of frustration do you have with the Bible and God? Do you find yourself digging in the Bible to justify your actions and motives or find a “magical verse” to try and get God to do what you want? Do you expect the Bible to live up to your expectations as opposed to asking it to transform you to meet God's?

What is the Bible?

February 11, 2018 |

2 Timothy 3:14-16

Is the Bible just an ancient collection of stories and good advice, or is it the actual words God spoke to mankind?

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Praying to Properly Condition Our Heart, Part 2

February 4, 2018 |

Matthew 6:12-15

How seriously are you taking your propensity to sin? Are you wandering off into the wilderness of temptation with disregard for the potential disaster ahead?

Praying to Properly Condition Our Heart, Part 1

January 28, 2018 |

Matthew 6:12-15

How is your prayer life leading you to forgive others and yourself?