Discussion Guide for Titus 1:1-4

This week we begin a study through the Epistle to Titus. Begin by practicing some of the Bible Study tips we shared in last week’s discussion guide. Use some trusted notes from your favorite study Bible or commentary at the beginning of Titus to answer a few basic questions for everybody.

If you are looking for some solid study notes, try the Gospel Coalition’s course of study on Titus. We want to discover the following:

  • Who is Titus?
  • Who wrote this letter?
  • When did he write it?
  • Why was it written?

Think about where Paul is, what’s going on in his life and what’s happening in Crete at the time.

Now, take some time to read the entire book of Titus aloud in your group. It only takes about 8 minutes. You may want to practice beforehand, to make sure that you are not tripped up by any pronunciation.

There are 3 ways this reading will help your group’s understanding of the text.

  • First, your group will grasp the entire letter in its context.
  • Second, we interact with the text differently when hearing with our ears versus reading with our eyes.
  • Finally, it brings us closer to the original audience experience.

New Testament letters were originally read aloud to the church as it was gathered in homes. You are actually coming close to recreating this experience when reading these letters aloud to your home life group.

After reading Titus, discuss these questions in the group:

  • What part of the book jumped out at you?
  • What are the main themes of Titus?
  • What do you hope to learn over the next several weeks?
  • How do you hope the theme of restoration will play out in your family?
  • How about in your church?

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