Discussion Guide for Job 2:1-10

Begin by reading the two passages.

Job 2:1-10   2 Corinthians 12:7-10
  • How did Job and Paul respond to physical trials brought by Satan?
  • How were their responses the same?
  • How were they different?
  • In what ways were they able to bless God through bodily difficulties?

We established last week that the Book of Job is highly relevant to every human being because suffering is part of the experience of every person on earth. Job Chapter 1 describes suffering in in the form of Job losing his wealth, his servants, and his family. Job Chapter 2 describes Job losing his health.

Every single person on earth either has, is, or will deal with a serious illness. Failing health can give many people the greatest forms of temptation they have ever faced. Sometimes, as in the case of Job’s wife (verse 9), the failing of a family member’s health can be a greater assault on our faith than if the illness were our own.

  • Have you had experience with failing health?
  • What went through your mind as you experienced the suffering of your illness?
  • How did you react to your initial doctor’s appointments and finding our bad news about yourself or you loved one?
  • Was there fear of not knowing how your illness would end?
  • What are some of the temptations that accompany sickness?
  • How can illness cause us to lessen our view of God?
  • Why did Job react so strongly against the things that his wife said?
  • Have you ever been guilty of the type of “foolish talk” that Job’s wife speaks?

I have cousins who are currently experiencing a severe trial of illness. Seth and Rebecca Mallay are missionaries to West Africa. Their life has been put on hold this year upon receiving a diagnosis of brain cancer in their daughter, Arwen.

I am amazed to read some of the things that Arwen and Seth and Rebecca are able to say about God in the midst of a severe trial of illness. You can read some of those at www.mallaysonamission.com.

The Mallays are able to bless God and trust in his plan for their lives through a heavy time. This serves as an encouragement for me to bless God in all of my own circumstances.

It is very interesting how God uses our suffering to allow us to minister to the souls of other people. I am convinced that is what was happening in 2 Corinthians 12:9 when God told Paul “my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Just like in Job’s case, God was using Satan to harm Paul’s body so that Paul’s faith and worship could be made stronger.

  • Is the object of your faith strong enough to enable you to remain spiritually strong when your body is week?
  • Have you ever been ministered to by someone who was at a low point of dealing with illness?
  • What did you learn about God from that person?
  • Close by reading Psalm 38 aloud as a prayer to God. 

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