Discussion Guide for Job 34

Take time to read Deuteronomy 32:1-43 in your group. You may want to divide up the reading amongst several people. 

  • How does God’s justice work for the benefit of his people?
  • How does God’s justice hold his people accountable?
  • What are some of the images of God’s relationship to His people that are most striking to you?

This passage is a song that Moses spoke before the people of Israel just before he died. Their identity as a nation was to be bound with the identity of Yahweh. The justice of God seeps out through every line of this song.

The implication is that because Yahweh is just, He should be trusted, obeyed, and worshipped by His people.

In the field of theology, justice is one of the things that we refer to as an attribute of God. An attribute is a characteristic of God which is foundational to understanding who He is. Therefore, the attribute must be true of his character at all times in all situations.

In Job 34, he accuses God of acting unjustly. Elihu’s rebuke has merit because Job, perhaps without thinking about it, has attacked the very nature and identity of God.

This is a very serious thing, especially for someone of Job’s character and reputation who cares deeply about what God thinks about him.

Job’s heart is in a very precarious position. He questions much of what he thought he was once sure. This can very easily lead to a state of bitterness.

But, God is graceful. He will soon speak and give Job a strong reminder of how he should relate to God.

Discussion Questions

  • List some of the attributes of God (ways of describing God that are essential to his character).
  • How does justice work together with some of God’s other attributes?
  • Why does it sometimes seem like God is unjust?
  • How can you be sure that God is just?
  • Describe a time or event when you have questioned the justice of God?
  • Did God remind you of his justice through that event?

Further Study

For further study, here is an excellent video of R.C. Sproul describing how God’s justice interacts with his holiness.

Pray for Our Missionaries

Please remember to pray for God’s work among the nations. Lift up the name of a wonderful man of God named Bishnu. He spends his life carrying the Gospel and training churches to share the Gospel in remote mountain regions of Nepal.


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