Discussion Guide for Job 37-41

Compare these two passages:

Job 37-41 Psalm 115

Psalm 115 was meant to be recited amongst a congregation in public worship. Declaring God’s greatness in a corporate setting is one of the most powerful acts we humans can engage in.

  • In Psalm 115, how is God fundamentally different from an idol?
  • Why is Israel confident that their God has not forgotten about them?
  • What does the blessing of the Lord look like?
  • How do you think the worship of God breathes life into the worshippers?

I love to joke that weather forecasters have the absolute greatest job in the world.

There is no other career where you can be wrong that often and still be considered good at your job. This is because weather is a natural phenomenon that humans simply do not have the capacity to fully understand.

In the ancient world, weather often brought life or death. Even today, with all of our technological advancements, we have not figured out a way to make our lives immune from weather. It can have total control over our lives while we have zero control over the weather.

Even though much of our lives are dictated by the weather, we have a very shallow understanding of it.

Elihu and Job talk about this. If we can’t even figure something as important and apparent to us as the weather, how in the world can we presume to understand exactly why God sends suffering?

Deepening Your Perspective

Gaining perspective on God is one of the most important insights that any human being can experience. Each and every one of us are theologians. The only question is what sort of theology do we hold.

In the midst of Job’s suffering he lost sight of some very important doctrines about the character of God. He describes a God that was whimsical, mean, unjust, and small enough that he should be obligated to disclose all of his thoughts to a man.

Elihu, on the other hand, spends time rebuking Job for his shallow theology.

Then something totally unexpected happens. God himself speaks up.

Perspective Defines Belief

Commenting on Job 38-40:2, the Reformation Study Bible says:

“God questions Job so that Job may come to a greater measure of self-knowledge. His lack of clarity about God reflects a lack of clarity regarding himself. If Job does not understand God’s ways with nature, how can he understand his ways with mankind?”

Tell me what you believe about God and I will be able to tell you everything about your character.

Discussion Questions

  • What are some of your favorite and most powerful images from Job 37-41?
  • Why do you think Job puts his hand over his mouth in Job 40:3-5?
  • Have you ever had an experience where you decided the best course of action would be silence before God?
  • How was your view of God transformed by that experience?
  • How do you understand yourself differently because of what you believe about God?


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