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The Book of Job has been long, grueling, emotional journey. Our central character has had it all, lost it all, been content with God, fought with his friends, questioned God, accused God, and struggled with his own righteousness.

Now we finally get the payoff.

Like every other human character in the Bible, we cannot make the mistake of believing that Job is the hero. Yes, he has been declared righteous by God. But, Job’s own personal flaws have become all too apparent throughout 41 chapters.

Perhaps the keyword here is surrender.

Leviathan Dethroned

We have already seen extensive detail about the creature Leviathan. In his famous book of the same name, the English political philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, predicted people would willingly surrender their natural freedoms to a Leviathan-like government. This global monarchy would hold absolute power so that it could offer peace, safety, and common wealth to its subjects in return for their surrender.

As humans, it’s easy to look at the big scary things of this world and imagine them bigger than God. Our own personal leviathans of government, health, financial well-being, or other worldly concerns fill us with a sense of awe and fear.

But, God controls the leviathan. When we surrender to Him with the totality of our being, there’s no need to fear the giant beasts threatening to dominate our lives.

Job’s encounter with God results in his total surrender to the almighty King of heaven and earth.

Discussion Questions

  • What are God’s terms of surrender?
  • What does Job say to indicate that he has reached a place of complete and total surrender to God?
  • What does God say to indicate that he has accepted Job’s surrender?
  • What do Job’s friends do to indicate their own surrender?

Read the following Biblical passages that talk about God’s will to create his kids into kingdoms of priests.

Exodus 19:3-6 1 Peter 2:4-5,9-10 Revelation 1:5-6
  • How does Job serve as a priest for his friends?
  • Do you think it is more significant that God has restored Job’s wealth or that he has restored Job’s relationships?
  • How has Job’s surrender allowed God to restore his sense of joy?
  • How is Job living out the following three commands for a Christian life: love, forgive, be a blessing?
  • In what way do we need to fully surrender to the rule of God?
  • How will our surrender allow us to be blessed?
  • How will we love, forgive, and we a blessing as a result of our own repentance/surrender?

Pray for Our Missions Work

This week, Pastor Mike Free and I are in Dimapur, India for the inauguration of the new Christian Academy. Pray that a kingdom of priests would be formed from the students who will very soon be filling the classrooms.

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