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Read the following passages about the life of Rahab.

Joshua 2 Joshua 6:22-25 Hebrews 11:30-31 James 2:24-25

The Bible really doesn’t say much about what Rahab was before she became an Israelite and a foremother of Jesus. We simply know that she was a pagan prostitute.

Rahab’s name means “wide as a road.” There was nothing noteworthy or admirable about the person she was known to be.

People who study the Bible have come up with many different interpretations as to what kind of person Rahab was. Some see her as the victim. Imprisoned as a sex slave by a brutal system for others’ profit.

Other interpreters see her as something of a priestess in the Canaanite religion. One who aggressively seduced men into the sex-worship of the pagan Gods.

Either way, Rahab would seem to be the most unlikely person to have faith in God and use her position to save the Israelite spies.

No matter how you interpret Rahab’s prior circumstance, one thing is for sure. She was a captive to sin and idolatry.

A Life Changed

The story of how God directed Israelite spies to her house and redeemed her to become an instrument and recipient of His salvation is nothing short of remarkable.

The climax of the story is Joshua 2:9-13 when she proclaims her faith in the God of Israel. Her actions demonstrate that her trust and allegiance has shifted from the gods of Jericho to the God of the spies.

God demonstrates His faithfulness by saving Rahab and her family when the rest of Jericho has been brought down and annihilated.

A Nation Saved

The story of Rahab teaches us about our own salvation.

Rahab was redeemed as a foreign pagan into a respected member of the family of Jesus. She was saved by grace through faith in the same way Christ saves us.

This is the unfolding story that is at the heart of Christmas.

Discussion Questions

What kinds of people might be identified as “Rahabs” today?

Do we treat those people as if they are beyond the reach of grace or are we actively pursuing them with the salvation of Jesus?

How do you think Rahab had heard about the deeds of God?

How had Israel, even when they were wandering in the wilderness, served as witnesses to the power of God?

What did Rahab give up or risk to follow God?

What do you make of Rahab’s lie (this has been debated in Christian ethics. Did Rahab have to lie in order to save the spies, or might God have used her in another way if she had chosen not to lie or to remain silent)?

What do you think is the most striking change in the person Rahab became compared to the person she was?

What does the change in Rahab tell us about the Gospel of Jesus?

Pray for Our Missionaries

As you are praying in your family and small groups, remember the people of the seven states of Northeast India. Many tribes there have received the Gospel of Jesus, but numerous people groups still have no access to the Gospel of Christ.

Pray that God would raise up Christians to saturate that region with followers of Christ.

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