Why Don’t Religious People Share Their Faith?

Discussion Guide for Romans 10:14-21

The Tragedy of Judaism

In Romans 9 & 10 Paul struggles with his own people, the Jews, rejecting faith in Jesus Christ. His sadness is juxtaposed by a front row seat to Christianity spreading like wildfire among the Gentiles of the Roman Empire.

This was in spite of the fact that the Jews had a special place in the history of redemption. They had every advantage to know Jesus and depend on him as both a national and personal savior.

Paul always went to the synagogue first when he entered a town. Then he went to the people who did not live according to the Law of Moses.

We would be tempted to say that Paul did this because he was most comfortable with his own people. The evidence of Paul’s life, however, shows that he was fearless toward all and comfortable around people of every race, tribe, tongue, and religious background.

Religious Jews (as with all religious people) looked down their noses at those pagans who had no knowledge or concern for the Law of God. A Gospel believed by masses of Gentiles meant that the Good News of salvation had ceased to be a Jewish message.

Paul always went to his own people first. He knew that he’d never even get an audience with his own people if the Gospel was first believed by pagans in that city.

Irony of Religion

Even today, religious people have the hardest time understanding the Good News of Jesus. We are often frustrated that the Gospel is right under their nose, but they don’t seem to get it.

Meanwhile, people who are born far from God are turning to Jesus by the thousands.

God never had a problem convincing pagans to believe in Jesus Christ. Hearts melt whenever they understand for the first time that Jesus died to save us from our sins. Every movement of God to salvation begins with the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus.

Sent to Proclaim

The greater obstacle to people receiving Christ is getting believers to share the Gospel outside their comfort zones.

Familiarity with the things of God and our own surroundings often conspire to make religious people blind to the power and necessity of preaching the Good News to people who do not know it!

Romans 10:14-16 tells us that the spread of the Gospel is built into its message. People believe because they hear. People hear because someone else has been obedient to proclaim.

The person who wants to excel in obedience to the Gospel is told exactly how to do that— proclaim it to others!

One of the greatest defining characteristics of Christians is that we are a sent people. We have always been on the move, seeking new people and new avenues to proclaim the Gospel.

This is why Christianity continues to grow after more than 2,000 years.

Discussion Questions

  • Why do you think religious people are turned off to the Gospel?
  • What does it mean to preach the Gospel?
  • It is often said “preach the Gospel, use words when necessary.” In the light of Romans 10:14, does preaching the Gospel have to include words?
  • Do you have to be a preacher to preach?
  • How does religion keep us from preaching the Gospel?
  • What is your life mission?
  • In what sense do you feel you are being sent out by God?

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