At War with the Flesh

Discussion Guide for Romans 7:14-8:4

June 4, 1940, marks one of the critical turning points for the twentieth century. It was not a day of some great victory. This was a day when the Allied forces in Europe were taking stock of a resounding defeat at the hands of Nazi Germany.

An Honest Assessment

The memorable speech that Winston Churchill delivered to the House of Commons as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was the significant event of June 4, 1940. Most of the speech was devoted to detailing the grave details of the Allies’ catastrophe at Dunkirk. In the midst of defeat, however, the nation was provided with hope from the evacuation of over 330,000 troops from the beach. This event is known today as the “Miracle of Dunkirk.”

“Grim hope” is the best way to describe Churchill’s speech. Unlike political speeches today, he did not lie to Parliament or the public about the situation they faced. This was the darkest hour England had ever faced. Churchill was able to prepare the nation for difficult years of tremendous suffering, fighting and loss. Churchill could instantly motivate listeners into believing that victory would be the ultimate outcome of the war because he had the reputation as a truth-teller.

We Are at War with the Flesh

Read Romans 7:14-8:4

I hope that you can see some of the connections between the Battle of Britain and our war with the flesh described in Romans 7:14-8:4

  • The damage inflicted by the enemy is real and dangerous.
  • Nazis never actually took control of any part of Great Britain. They could harm and harass the country, but they could not claim any right to
  • History is on the side of the allies. As a historian, Churchill had faith that total defeat could not happen as long as Britain put up a fight. Christians know from God’s Word that the Holy Spirit cannot be defeated as long as he dwells within us.
  • The greatest temptation in both battles is that we would lose hope and give up.
  • The greatest hope in the battles is that help (deliverance) will eventually arrive.

Questions for the Scripture (answer each question with a verse from Romans 7:14-8:4) 

  • Where is Paul’s battle being fought? (v. 22-23)
  • Which parties are at war within Paul? (v. 14, v. 17)
  • Do you think that Paul is hopeless?
  • What reasons might Paul have for giving up?
  • What reasons does Paul have to keep fighting?
  • How does Romans 8:1-3 give Paul confidence?

Questions for Yourself

  • Do you view life as an internal struggle?
  • Where is the greatest battle being fought in your own life?
  • How are you most tempted to give up in the fight against sin?
  • How does the Gospel give you hope to keep fighting?
  • What does it mean to keep fighting?
  • We do you look for deliverance in the fight against sin?

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Photo by Irina Kzan. Prague, Czech Republic, Europe – February 17 2012: Monument to Winston Churchill. Mala Strana, Hradcany district. The Old Town of Prague
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