New Life Group Sessions at Venture

September 29 – October 20

This Fall, we’re doing something new with Venture Life Groups. Starting September 29th, groups will meet weekly to discuss the Psalms Bible study series for 4 weeks. After that, groups will get together for fun social activities, serving the community, and ministry opportunities.

This new format will make it easier to connect with a group, invite friends and neighbors to be a part, and build relationships within our local church body.

Life Group Bible Study

Psalms Life Group SessionsEach week, life groups will meet in homes throughout the region to discuss the Psalm featured in Pastor Austin’s message. This focused Bible study time is designed to help everyone in your group grow in their faith and knowledge of the scriptures.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to talk about. Associate Pastor Jonathan Pugh publishes life group discussion guides each Thursday during the session to help your conversation move along. You can access them on any computer or mobile device.

Building Community

During your four-week session, life groups will schedule times to get together for fun over the following 2 months. Your group may organize date nights, family fun days, or whatever you all agree on. The key is that it’s a time you can get to know each other better and invite friends or neighbors to participate.

In addition to social activities, each group should also schedule times to help in ministry and/or community service. Serving together in a cause outside ourselves helps forge strong friendships and common ground. It’s a way for you to build life-long friendships and strengthen our community.

How Do I Find a Group?

Contact Jonathan Pugh or stop by the Next Steps room on Sundays to connect with a group at any time. Don’t worry if you miss a week. Life groups are always open for new members and everyone is welcome.

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