The Second Adam

Small Group Discussion Guide

Read Romans 5:12-21

Romans 5:12-21 is a key passage in helping us to further understand how it works that Christ can be counted as the payment for our debt to God.

The Bible tells us to think of Christ as the second Adam. Romans 5:12-21 goes into detail about why this is the case. Everybody who descends from Adam is condemned to death because Adam sinned. Even more so, everybody who is found in Christ is declared righteous and receives life.

Voddie Baucham explains what Jesus was able to accomplish as our representative.

Views of the Atonement

Recall the sermon from Romans 5:6-11. Jonathan presented 5 different views of how the atonement works. The ones he presented were:

  • Moral Influence
  • Ransom
  • Christus Victor
  • Anselm’s Satisfaction
  • Penal Substitution

The view that fits the Biblical evidence presented in Romans 5 is the Penal Substitutionary view. This simply means that Jesus took our place on the cross and dealt with the wrath of God as our substitute representative. Everything about the cross flows from the fact that Jesus became our righteous substitute.

N.T. Wright does not subscribe to any of these views exclusively. He would not claim to hold to the penal substitutionary view of the atonement in the same way that reformed theology does. Nonetheless, N.T. Wright beautifully explains how Jesus’ substitutionary death on the cross forms the basis for everything else that the Bible teaches.

Discussion Questions

  • How did Jesus succeed where Adam failed (Romans 5:20)?
  • What does the term “federal head” mean?
  • How is Jesus qualified to take our place on the cross?
  • What does it mean that Adam was a type of Jesus (Romans 5:14)?
  • Does Adam or Jesus have more influence on the human race (Romans 5:16-18)?
  • How does the substitutionary death of Jesus demonstrate his moral influence?
  • How does it take away Satan’s power?
  • Discus how God’s honor is satisfied by Christ’s death?
  • Does the substitutionary death of Jesus pay the legal penalty for sin that we owed in Adam?

Prayer Time

Pray this week for Christian Academy in Dimapur, India as they begin their first classes. Pray that the impact of the school would grow in the lives of people in the community who may not have a clear understanding of Jesus and his atonement.

Encourage your group to attend Venture Leadership Summit on personal evangelism on Sunday, March 10 at 5:30.

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