Loving Hospitality

Small Group Discussion Guide for Romans 12:9-13

“Hospitality is fundamentally an act of missional evangelism.” – Rosaria Butterfield

The ethics preached in Romans 12:9-13 are more than just good ideas for social living.

When God redeemed his people from among the nations, He gave us a new heart with new ethics. He chose the church as His vehicle to bring the Gospel to every person in every corner of the world.

We should see our love for others through this framework. Fellow Christians and the world know that God loves them because he has sent us to love them.

God also uses our love for strangers to radically transform lives. Take time in your group to watch Rosaria Butterfield describe how the Gospel found its way into her life through the hospitality of a stranger.

Discussion Questions

  • How do you distinguish genuine love from hypocritical love (v. 9)?
  • How do you distinguish good from evil in your relationships with others?
  • What are the most meaningful shows of brotherly affection and honor that you have received (v.10)?
  • How does your life group help you to remain zealous, fervent in spirit, and patient in tribulation (vv. 11-12)?
  • How do you define hospitality?
  • What insight about hospitality did you gain from listening to Rosaria Butterfield?
  • Why does showing hospitality make so many people fearful?
  • How does hospitality exemplify the Gospel?


Venture Out is a new group at Venture Church that is organizing opportunities to serve in missions. They are currently planning mission trips for Venture folks to Kentucky and South Asia. Please keep this ministry in your prayers as God raises up local people with a heart to reach people at the ends of the earth.

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