Be A Slave of Christ!

Be A Slave of Christ!

Live under the authority of the master who is actually over you – Christ! (6:12-18)

  1. Don’t submit yourself to the reign of sin that has been defeated but rather to the God who defeated it! (12-13)
  2. God demands that we meet His expectations in order to be saved (law) but we can’t because we are under the kingly authority (dominion) of sin that leads us to rebel! However, because Christ fulfilled the expectation of God for us (grace!) we who are in Christ are permanently under the kingly authority of God who leads us to obey! (14)
  3. It is irrational for a believer to live under the authority of sin that no longer has authority over him because the reign of sin only brings the experience of death! (15-16)
  4. The Gospel is not an expectation but rather the means to live in obedience. Law gave us an expectation with an inevitable consequence but grace has given us opportunity with an inevitable reward! (17-18)

Live obligated to that which is most worthy of obligation! (6:18-23)


To be a slave of Christ is to live under obligation to His authority in every way. Specifically, the Greek word translated as “slave” in Romans 6 implies three key attributes:

  1. A slave’s will is swallowed up by the will of his master so that it’s no longer the slaves will that matters but rather the Master’s. Who is defining your will – Christ or sin?
  2. A slave serves his master to the disregard of his own desired experience. Sins desired experience is lawlessness and death but Christ’s is righteousness and life! Who is defining your experience – Christ or sin?
  3. A slave is bound to his master with a bond that only death can break. If you are in Christ you died with Christ and thus the bond was broken to the slave master of sin, however, who are practically living your life bound to – Christ or sin?
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