Deep Dive: A Righteous Response to Persecution

In this week's Deep Dive, Jonathan talks with Isaac and Malachi about how Christians should live in a world that doesn't necessarily want them around.

Discussion Topics

  • How can we know the difference in sinning because we are not a part of God's family versus the daily struggles against sin of a child of God?
  • How does someone who practices righteousness address sin in his life?
  • What kinds of fruits should a Christian look for in their life when they think they are practicing righteousness even though they are actually practicing sin?
  • What does it look like in the 21st century to radically give up everything to follow Jesus?
  • Why are the numbers of Americans identifying themselves as "Christian" on the decline?
  • Why do Christians have a reputation as mean, hateful, bitter, and judgmental?
  • Why is martyrdom on the rise?
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