Deep Dive: Capitalism vs Socialism in the Bible

Capitalism vs Socialism

A good portion of Austin's sermon about how to make money could just as easily have come from an economics class. I think both of us are dyed in the wool, hardcore free market capitalists.

Discussion Topics

Is there such a thing a Christian version of economics or is economics itself an amoral subject about how the world works?

In preparing for this deep dive I read the spark notes of Max Weber’s classic “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.”

In it Weber explores the links between the teachings of the Protestant Reformation and the creation of modern capitalism.

We hear a lot about Capitalism vs Socialism in our political debates. Is one or the other Biblical?

What are the Protestant teachings that encourage people to work and be successful in the modern economy?

This is a quote from the Sparknotes of "The Protestant Ethic."

"The Puritan wanted to work in a calling; we are forced to do so." Asceticism helped build the "tremendous cosmos of the modern economic order." People born today have their lives determined by this mechanism. Their care for external goods has become "an iron cage." Material goods have gained an unparalleled control over the individual. The spirit of religious asceticism "has escaped from the cage," but capitalism no longer needs its support. The "idea of duty in one's calling prowls about in our lives like the ghost of dead religious beliefs." People even stop trying to justify it at all. (From Sparknotes Chapter 5)

As has been noted, the very economic success that is often inspired by faith can prove to be the undoing of that faith over a generation.

How do we avoid idolatry in the area of work?

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