Deep Dive: Doubt and Faith

This Psalm is a perfect place to dive into the topic of mental health.

I have long believed that the psalms are specifically given in part to help Christians understand and strengthen the mind. Think about the biography of David, how one of his jobs in the court of Saul was to play the harp to soothe Saul when he would become spiritually and mentally troubled. There is no doubt that David’s spiritual musical ability is uniquely at work in the Psalms.

Psalm 13 seems to speak specifically about depression.

  • Do you agree that depression is present in this text?
  • Do Christians experience depression?
  • How do we recognize when depression is an issue of sin or spiritual dryness and when it is a product of some physiological problem requiring medical intervention?
  • What role do lies play in leading us down a path to depression?
  • Is there a formula that Satan uses to lead us on a path of spiritual depression and extreme discouragement? (Ex. Psalm 13- God has forgotten me, God hates me, I’m helpless, I might as well give up.)
  • Why is hope an essential element to mental health?
  • What is the daily formula for finding hope?

Austin and Jonathan take a closer look at Psalm 13 and explore David's hymn of doubt and faith.

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