Deep Dive: Gospel Ministry

Gospel Ministry Where Christ is Not Named

Deep Dive with Austin Rammell & Jonathan Pugh

Main Idea: God’s plan is to redeem men and women from the ends of the earth. The church is His means to take the Gospel there.

We live in a day when most churches are confused both about their own mission and what the mission of God is in the world.

  • What is our mission at Venture?
  • Why did we frame our mission that way?
  • How can we be clear about our mission as Venture Church?

You talked about the power of signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit in your sermon.

  • What do you think is the missiological purpose of signs and wonders?
  • Do you think a missionary in a non-Christian context might be more likely to see supernatural signs and wonders than somebody living in Dallas, NC?

The South (Bible Belt) has often been called the burned over district for the Gospel.
What do you think is meant by that? (Jonathan thinks that the issue is not that people haven’t heard the Gospel…..almost everyone has in some form or fashion multiple times. The problem is that people cannot recognize the Gospel in our community because it has either been tainted with other false messages or people have a wrong belief about the requirements of the Gospel.)

I have struggled with this deeply in my life. My roots are in North Carolina. My family has lived here since before the United States was a country. I have a deep sense of place and love for where I live and I want to raise my family here because I think it really is the greatest place on earth. Jews probably felt about Jerusalem the way I feel about North Carolina. But, given Paul’s statement in Romans 15:20-21, how can I (Jonathan) justify spending my life and raising my family in a place where Christ has been named?

  • How do you answer that question for yourself?
  • What is an effective strategy for someone living and worshipping in Gaston County, NC for taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth?
  • How do we do that in such a way as to not neglect to take the Gospel to our neighbor?

Austin and Jonathan talk about the believer's responsibility to share the Gospel. In-depth discussion of Romans Romans 15:14-21.

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