Deep Dive: Interpreting Biblical Genres

Interpreting Biblical Genres

Why is it important to understand the style of writing when reading Scripture?

Let’s start by digging deeper into an issue in Biblical interpretation. 1 John 2:12-4 is a poem or a song. Austin makes the assertion in his sermon that this type of writing needs to be treated different than other types of writing in how we interpret it.

What is genre and how does it make a difference in how we read Scripture?

People who come from a Catholic background may hear the John’s fatherly tone in this passage and think that it confers as sense of fatherhood on pastors that is reflected in the Catholic priesthood.

How do we understand the function of elders differently than Catholics may understand the function of priests?

You made mention of the Pharisees in the sermon today. It has always been striking in the Gospels that Jesus spent far more time correcting Pharisees than he did correcting people who knew that they were sinners.

How is it that people so easily begin to think that the victories won by Jesus over sin and Satan are their own victories earned by works?

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