Deep Dive: Lust & Pride

Caleb and Austin talk about the difference between working to improve your life vs. lusting after the things of this world.

1 John 2:15-17

This is a passage that I believe is key to sanctification and battling sin in our lives.

Talk people through the progression that lust and pride can make to consume people’s lives…similar to addiction….and make us wholesale committed to those things.

Discussion Questions

  • How can you practically tell the difference between innocently enjoying some good things that the world has produced and being full-on committed to the ungodly system of the world?
  • How has this passage been a help in your own sanctification and battle with sin?
  • Why is it that we tend to move from one category of sin to another? How can we actually begin to begin to be satisfied with Christ and push ALL sin out our life?
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