Deep Dive: Missional Community

Deep Dive: Missional Community

In today's Deep Dive, Caleb Sutton & Pastor Austin talk about the role of women in the church and the importance of diversity.

Here are a few of the topics we'll discuss.

This might be the first sermon most of us have heard preached on this section of Romans. Can you explain to us why you choose to spend time preaching passages that may seem like unimportant details?

For a guy writing in 50 AD, we should be amazed that the geographic, ethnic, and cultural diversity of Paul’s missional community. Diversity is a buzzword in our culture, but I have a feeling that America, both liberals and conservatives, have a very misinformed understanding of diversity. Frankly, many people are probably not very interested in diversity because they think about what they are told diversity is supposed to look like by pop culture or the PC police. Can you explain what Biblical diversity in the church looks like and why it’s so vitally important to the mission of the church?

Women are very prominent in the list of names that Paul considers partners in the Gospel. Can you talk about the role of women as leaders in the spread of the Gospel both in the first century, in the missionary movements of the past 200 years, and today?

How can Venture Church do a better job to encourage and empower women to fulfill their God-given callings within the missional community?

Two weeks ago we talked about denominations on Deep Dive. As I read this letter, I get the impression that Paul had not formed a denomination as much as he had formed an association or network (obviously, Paul was a Baptist). Can you discuss the difference between a denomination and a network and explain why networks are more effective at creating missional communities?

Please end by talking about prayer and some practical advice to people who want to begin praying for the spread of the Gospel.

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