Deep Dive: Psalm 147

20 November 2019
Series: Psalms

Bible Passage: Psalm 147

This week, Austin and Jonathan are joined by 2 special guests. John Cass is a former elder of Venture Church who works for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Keith Zachary is Austin’s father-in-law and the pastor of New Covenant Church in Denham Springs, LA.

Discussion Topics

  • Why is the exile such a relevant and important event in the Old Testament?
  • Why was God so harsh in his judgment of Judah?
  • Are we as Christians living in a sort of spiritual exile today?
  • Should we relate to the world in the same way that exiled Jews related to Babylon?
  • In Ezra 3 it says that the old men who remembered the first temple wept when they saw the foundation of the second temple laid. Do you think the second temple was meant to leave the Israelites feeling a lessened sense of the glory of the structure so they would search for a more permanent source of mercy?
  • What is penal substitutionary atonement?
  • How does that doctrine help us to appreciate grace?

Study Notes