Deep Dive: The Blood of Christ

How does the Blood of Christ make a difference in the life of a believer? Why is it so easy to ignore its power? Discussion of 1 John 1 & 2 from Venture's Austin Rammell and Jonathan Pugh.

This passage is literally about life and death. We are given a distinction between light and darkness. The dividing line has to do with the cleansing work of the blood of Christ Jesus.

We as human beings are often prone to ignore the blood of Christ, to take it for granted, or to believe incorrectly that it is powerless to deliver us from death to life. We need constant reminders that Jesus’ blood makes all the difference.

A really good appeal was made in the sermon that Jesus' blood was not shed in vain. I rewatched the movie Lincoln this week for the second time and picked up on a lot of things that I missed the first time.

The plot of Lincoln concerns the passage of the 13th amendment. Lincoln understood that the Emancipation Proclamation would not be sufficient to ensure that slaves could remain freed following the war. One of the appeals he makes to Congress is that the blood shed during the war should not be in vain.

Discussion Topics

  • Please explain a little bit deeper why these wartime analogies are so pertinent to the accomplishment of Jesus on the cross.
  • What are some of the alternative Gospels that downplay penal substitutionary atonement?
  • How does liberation theology differ from an orthodox view of the atonement of Christ?
  • What is the doctrine of definite atonement? How do passages like this that speak about propitiation and atonement give us this doctrine?

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