18 December 2019
Series: The Gift
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Deep Dive: What is The Gospel?

Bible Passage: Romans 3:23-25

The Gospel is central our identity as Christians. It also must be the driving force of the mission of the church.

The sermon this week was a detailed presentation on what the Gospel is and how to share its main points to people with whom we are engaging.

We find summaries of the Gospel in New Testament passages such as Romans 3:23-25 and 1 Corinthians 15:3-8. We will talk about these passages, along with Jesus’ encounter with his disciples on the Emmaus Road.

Discussion Questions

  • As a recap on that, exactly what is the Gospel? Are there essential elements that we cannot leave out?
  • What are some common ways that Christians often call things “gospel” that are not essential elements?
  • Do you think that Christianity is becoming more or less proficient in understanding the Gospel? What leads you to that conclusion?
  • What is cultural Christianity? How does it differ from actual Christianity? How do you see it hindering people in our culture from coming to Christ?
  • Is the destruction of cultural Christianity a positive or negative development in terms of people actually believing the Gospel?

Study Notes

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