Deep Dive: Worship Wars

Worship Wars - Psalms 148 - 150

Austin & Jonathan discuss the debates many churches have over musical styles and how these "worship wars" have divided the church.

Special Guest: Keith Zachary of New Covenant Church in Denham Springs, LA.

The introduction to our sermon referenced worship wars that have been part of church for most of our history.

Many people watching this have not had the joy (sarcastic) of being in a church where people fight over music. When people reference worship wars, what are they talking about?

What are some of the most ridiculous worship wars you’ve seen?

The worship wars I am most familiar with were ignited by Isaac Watts in the early 1700s. Prior to him, the Puritans famously adhered to the regulative principle of worship. They were known for only singing Psalms at church.

Isaac’s hymns played a major role in bringing Christian faith to the masses and the lower classes of the English speaking world.

Discussion Questions

  • What is the regulative principle? What is your opinion of it?
  • How did Isaac Watts impact church music?
  • What are the common themes that should be present in all worship music?
  • How do we prepare our hearts for worship 7 days a week so that it becomes less a one time experience and more of a consistent lifestyle?
  • How do we make worship so it is indeed about our spirits and not merely about a task or ritual?
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