Don’t Be Ashamed to Abandon Religion
January 13, 2019
Passage: Romans 1:8-17
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Venture's 11:00am Worship Livestream 1-13-2018

Welcome to Venture's 11:00am Worship Livestream! How should Christians respond to the pressure of being religious? Join us! #Failure #WhyYourReligionWontWork #Romans #DareToVenture

Posted by Austin Rammell on Sunday, January 13, 2019

How should Christians respond to the pressure of being religious?

Don’t Be Ashamed To Abandon Religion

Romans 1:8-17

The Church in Rome was famous because of the Gospel! (1:8)

As an Apostle, Paul had authority over the church but he did not see his standing or spirituality as greater than the church. (1:9-15)

The Gospel is so powerful that it makes no sense to even dabble with religion! (1:16-17)

Challenge: Romans 1:8-17 should lead us to pray something like this,

Dear Lord grant me to have faith in you, therefore teach me what you alone did for me that I may be blown away by it; that I may be confident that I am eternally secure by it; and that I may be committed to joyfully walk under your rule and thus in your ways (righteousness!) because of it!

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