Doubt and Faith

Doubt and Faith

Do you ever find yourself doubting God? Don’t worry, one of the greatest men in the Bible did as well! Join us as we study Psalm 13 and see how David handled doubt.

Psalm 13

David truly felt like God had totally forgotten him! (13:1-2)

David cried out to God to give him courage and confidence! – 13:3-4

David chose to focus on the facts about the goodness of the Lord and as a result he found himself experiencing faith and joy in the midst of darkness! (13:5-6)


Spiritual loneliness and doubt are a normal part of the human experience with God, the question is what are we going to do about it? In the darkness of his circumstance David had to start seeking the Lord out of faith, meaning, even though he couldn’t see or hear God, he determined to focus his mind on what he knew to be true about God – HE IS ALWAYS TRUSTWORTHY!

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