Fear and Courage

Very few people associate the word waiting with anything positive.  However, David was able to associate “waiting” with something amazing - courage!  Join us as we learn how he did it.

Fear and Courage

Psalms 27 Bible Study

David meditated on God as opposed to his situation. (27:1-6)

  • David reflected on who God is and what He promised. (1-3)
  • David reflected on the awesome value of knowing God. (4-6)

Note: Faith is not believing God to be and do what you want but rather loving and obeying Him because you believe God to be who He says is and do what He said He’s going to do!

David humbly expressed his total dependence on the gracious mercy of the Lord. (27:7-12)

David acted on what was true. (27:13-14)

Note: Courage comes when the context of waiting on the Lord is staying focused on basking in a relationship with Him instead of worrying about what’s going to happen!


Are you wrestling with fear or giving up? That is, are you fighting to cling to the knowledge the Gospel that leads us to bask in a relationship with God and experience courage in the face of fear?

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