Grace-Given Gifts

Discovering your spiritual gifts isn't nearly as important as knowing the one who gave them.

Grace-Given Gifts

Every Christian is gifted with some skillful way that he or she can serve the Church. Christians misuse their gifts when the focus is on the gift instead of the grace that gives it.

Preliminary Ideas:

  • Gifts are only accessed by grace through faith.
  • Faith and salvation are the first gifts.
  • There are spiritual gifts that are only given to those who, by faith, have become a part of the body of Christ.


  • Don’t have an inflated opinion of yourself.
    • Don’t overestimate your own inherent abilities.
    • Don’t overestimate others’ dependence on you.
    • Don’t overestimate your personal identity OUTSIDE of Christ.
  • Don’t believe that you are independent of the Church
  • God proves that we are not independent of the church by the way that he gives his kids the ability to serve the church.


Have you ever given thought to the ways that God has uniquely gifted you to serve as a part of the body? Do you view your gift through the lens of grace or do you treat your talents as if they are your creation to keep to yourself? What is one concrete action you can take this week to put your gifts to use in the body?

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