God Is Sovereign

To be God means to be sovereign but what does it mean to be sovereign?

God Is Sovereign

Fact 1 – God is not obligated to show mercy. (9:14-18)

Fact 2 – God is not subservient to man. (9:19-21)

Fact 3 – The worthiness of God’s purposes is not determined by us. (9:22-29)


God, as defined by the Bible, is not discoverable by the efforts of man (He must reveal Himself), He is not confined to the intelligence of man (Man doesn’t define Him), nor is He accountable to the judgements of man (Man doesn’t instruct Him). Therefore, man is to fear Him, worship Him and be blown away by His sincere love to know us and rescue us.


Are you demanding God meet your standards, be defined by your terms and operate on your level of understanding? Or, are you standing in awe, surrender and adoration of the God who is eternally greater than us and yet wants me to know and enjoy Him forever!

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