God's Not Biased!

Do you ever feel like God has favorites? Worried there is no way he would ever pick you to be His? Join us as we study Romans 9:1-3.

God's Not Biased

Paul genuinely loved his Jewish brothers and sisters, therefore he was truly broken hearted that even though they had more knowledge and a richer heritage of God than anybody else on earth, they were still rejecting the one that all that knowledge and heritage was about – Jesus! (9:1-5)

Paul was reminded that throughout the history of Israel God had been choosing people from among the descendants of Abraham and thus leaving some of his descendants out. Therefore, it was not inconsistent for God to now be redeeming people who were not Jewish (Gentiles) while the Jews were still rejecting Him. (9:6-13)


Throughout the Book of Romans Paul has been teaching that we are not saved by our works but rather through Grace. In the same way, Romans 9:11 demonstrates that God has always chosen people to be His not based upon their works or accomplishments but rather on the glory and love of His choosing!


There is no race, ethnicity, career, personality, money, social status or religious qualifications that matter to God! Therefore, if God chooses based on the kind intention of His will, then I have no reason to ever believe that I’m not good enough for God. If I gave my life to Jesus it’s because God chose me to be His and that matters more than anything!

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