God's Will

What am I destined to do? It's the ultimate question of life! Join us as we find the answer in Romans 8:28-30.

God's Will

God uses even the worst evil done to those who love Him, for the good He is accomplishing in them. (8:28)

  • This truth only applies to those who are saved. – “And we know that for those who love God”
  • The specific things Paul is saying God redeems to accomplish good, are the realities of living with the presence of sin. – “all things work together for good”
  • The good God accomplishes is defined by the purpose He has called us (His glory!) – “for those who are called according to his purpose.”

The good that God is accomplishing in His people is to set them free from sin so that they can be like Christ! (8:29-30)

  • This is God’s plan for us, not ours for Him! - (8:29a)
  • The reason for this good is the glory of Christ! - (8:29b)
  • God takes the responsibility of doing all the heavy lifting involved in the process of setting us from sin! - (8:30)


A life of faith is a life lived trusting what God has said to be true. Therefore, as a follower of Christ, are you living life as if there is something more important than you being rescued from your own sin that keeps you from truly enjoying a perfect and eternal relationship with God and all who are in Him?

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