Gospel Ministry

Ever feel like what you do doesn’t matter? Do you know that if you are a believer you are called to do something that does? Join us as we dig in to Romans 15:14-21.

Gospel Ministry

The purpose of Gospel ministry is to offer God what He wants - people who love and follow Jesus! (15:14-17)

Gospel ministry is something we get to do with Christ. (15:17-19a)

  • Christians are supposed to share the WORDS that teach the Gospel and the DEEDS of loving God and others that demonstrate the Gospel. Neither requires extraordinary talent, but God uses them to accomplish extraordinary things!
  • Signs, wonders and the work of the Holy Spirit are the things God does to turn people to the Gospel and demonstrate that salvation is His accomplishment and not ours!

The focus of Gospel ministry is those who don’t know it! (15:19b-21)


Who are the people far from God that you are building a sincere friendship with and engaging with the Gospel? Are you being faithful in what God calls Gospel ministry?

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