How do we reconcile our free will and God’s sovereignty?

Bible Passage: Romans 9:6-29


  • How can we have free will if God is sovereign?
  • Are we puppets?
  • How do we mentally reconcile these two realities in Scripture?

Free Online Study Materials

Awesome presentation by Dr. R.C. Sproul that highlights the sovereign work of God in the Old Testament and then moves from that to speak to the reconciliation of man’s free will with the sovereignty of God.

Short audio file from Dr. John Piper (includes a written transcript as well) of a summary that deals with important matters related to the questions at hand.

Excellent blog with a wealth of Scripture references that speak to the heart of the issue.

Dr. John MacArthur looks at the Biblical teaching of faith, human responsibility and God’s exclusive sovereignty in salvation. He walks through numerous Biblical passages that show these principles at work.

Study Notes

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