How To Treat Your Enemy

A "friend" attacks you on Facebook. How do you respond?

How To Treat Your Enemy

Work for the salvation of those who treat me like an enemy. (12:14)

Have a testimony of objectivity. (12:15-16)

  • Empathize with people. (12:15)
  • Don’t alienate people because I disagree with them. (12:16a)
  • Don’t be a snob! (12:16b)
  • Don’t see myself as the person who has it all figured out. (12:16c)

Treat people with dignity even if they don’t treat me with it. (12:17)

Take the initiative and make the effort to form peace wherever possible. (12:18-21)


At the final judgement, Christ’s wrath is going to be horrifyingly terrible on all who do not repent and believe, but meanwhile, the effort of Christ is not vengeance but the salvation and restoration of His enemies. How are you responding to those who treat you as an enemy?

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