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Welcome to Venture's 11:00AM Worship Live-stream! As one who claims to be a Christian, what is your attitude towards your own sin? #GodsPlanForDefeatingSin #DareToVenture

Posted by Austin Rammell on Sunday, March 17, 2019

Know Who You Are

As one who claims to be a Christian what is your attitude towards your own sin?

Know Who You Are

Our past identity is destroyed! - Our identity as a lost sinner incapable of living in God’s righteousness died when Christ died. (6:1-3)

My present identity is life! – Our identity is no longer the sinner that died but the saint that is raised free from the power of sin! (6:4-5)

My future identity is totally free! - Christ died to totally free us from the presence of sin, therefore we are expected to live like it now! (6:6-11)


Do you view the Gospel as inspiration to repent and walk in glad submission to Him or as an entitlement to sin and not worry about it? One is the attitude of a person whose identity is in Christ and the other is the identity of somebody who is lost.

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