Knowing God Leads to Conviction

Psalm 139 - Knowing God in an actual relationship Always Leads to Conviction.

Key Points

  • vv. 1-6 God is OMNISCIENT - He knows the intimate details of my life.
  • vv. 7-12 God is OMNIPRESENT - there is no place beyond His reach.
  • vv. 13-16 God is ALMIGHTY - the creator has full authority over His creation.
  • vv. 17-18 God is TRANSCENDENT - there is far more to God than we can even comprehend.
  • vv. 19-21 God is HOLY – God does not work at cross-purposes against Himself. God’s wrath is not contrary to his salvation. God’s justice is not against his love.
  • vv. 23-24 God is ACTIVE -- knowing him always results in the investigation and conviction of our hearts


It is common in our culture for people to say they have a relationship with God. But what does your relationship with God actually mean? Do you know Him as he actually says that he is? Is your knowledge of God such that your heart is open to His investigation and conviction?

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