Missional Community

Bible Passage: Romans 15:22-16:27

Far too many people have been burned by church because of the people inside. But, what does a Gospel-centered Missional Community look like in our church? Join us as we finish our study of the book for Romans!

Missional Community:

  • Means we are all in to advance the Gospel. (Romans 15:22-29)
  • Means we are laboring with one another in prayer. (15:30-33)
  • Creates deep relational connections! (16:1-16)
  • Means we protect it from those who would mislead or divide it. (16:17-20)
  • Is led and held together by God and the Gospel. (16:21-27)


Are you committed to doing things to advance the Gospel (missional), to living life with a group of Christians(community), or are you committed to loving those you are connected with through the death of Christ and as such laboring with them to engage those far from God with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to know and follow Him (missional community!)?

Study Notes

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