27 December 2020
Series: The King

Once Upon a Time in the East

Speaker: Jonathan Pugh

Bible Passage: Matthew 2:13-18

Once Upon a Time in the East • Venture Church Online

Mothers weep as babies are silenced. Will the Child of Hope survive the evil king’s wrath? Join us for the epic conclusion of #TheKing.
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If you’re in the Gaston County area, we recommend the following counseling services:

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  • David Kneen, Coldwater Counseling, ColdWaterCounseling.com
  • Rodgers Christian Counseling, RodgersCC.com
  • For help finding counselors or financial assistance, visit SomeoneListened.com.

Message Outline

Three Predictions About Jesus’ Identity:

  • He would be rescued through Egypt. – Matthew 2:13-15
  • His coming would be accompanied by great sorrow. – Matthew 2:16-18, John 16:33
  • He would seem to be a nobody from nowhere. – Matthew 2:19-23


Jesus is the true Moses and the true Israel. Where the nation of Israel repeatedly failed to live up to its covenant with God, Jesus succeeded as the eternal son of God. Where Moses failed to deliver a covenant that Israel could actually live up to and be saved through, Jesus succeeded in offering himself once and for all to violence so that we can be free from the eternal damning judgment of God.


The evidence and the details are overwhelming that God orchestrated Jesus’ life to be rescued from the hand of evil and grow up as a nobody from nowhere. Are you having difficulty accepting the salvation that Jesus gives?

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