Privileged - Psalms 23

Sunday, September 29, 2019

There is a lot of buzz these days over who people feel is more privileged. Join us as we study Psalms 23 - the most famous Psalm in the Bible - and what it has to say on the subject.

Privileged - Psalms 23

Christ shepherd’s everyone who surrenders their life to Him! (23:1-4)

  • The Lord personally takes care of His sheep. (23:1-2)
  • The Lord rescues His sheep from their sin. (23:3)
  • The Lord leads and protects His sheep. (23:4)

Christ abundantly welcomes and favors everyone who surrenders their life to Him! (23:5-6)


How are you defining privilege? Are you looking at the privileges of this world or the privileges of being a child of God as your definition?

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