Biblical repentance has tons of worthless knockoff brands that accomplish nothing. Join us as we study Psalm 51 and see it for what really is.


Psalm 51

Genuine repentance embraces a right understanding of sin. (51:1-6)

Note: God’s expectation of righteousness extends to the deepest corner of our hearts, however, we are totally incapable of it because we are born sinners and as such sin is always present in everything we do! (The Doctrine of Total Depravity)

Genuine repentance embraces a holistic need for God’s grace. (51:7-12)

Genuine repentance leads to an outcome that’s all about God! (51:13-19)

  • It leads us to influence others to repent and return to God! – (51:13)
  • It leads us to sincerely and passionately worship God! – (51:14-19)


Do you find yourself confessing sin to try and make sure you are on good footing with God and can earn his favor, or, out of your awareness of your depraved nature do you find yourself crying out to the Lord to graciously rescue you from your rebellious heart so that you can enjoy a life of living in glad submission to Him?

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