Righteous Motives: Psalm 67

How do I know whether my own actions come from righteous motives? There can be nothing more tricky than deciphering through the motives of the human heart. Let's look at a Psalm that helps bring some clarity to that process.

Righteous Motives: Psalm 67

  1. People in a healthy relationship with God long to know Him deeper. (67:1)
  2. People in a healthy relationship with God long to be blessed in way that causes others to glorify Him! (67:2-5)
  3. People in a healthy relationship with God want to work their butts off with Him for His glory! (67:6-7)


Is your relationship with God real enough that the natural desire of your flesh to be glorified is truly being challenged by a desire for Him to be glorified? Is your prayer life an effort to pull a bait and switch with God, in that you are telling God you want Him to bless you so that people will praise Him when it’s actually just all about you!

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