7 March 2019
Series: Grace

The Contrasting Sides

Bible Passage: Romans 5:12-21

A bridge forms a connection between two different places and its why understanding where the bridge of Christ’s Grace takes us is so life changing!

The Contrasting Sides – Eternal Security

The Judicial Contrast – In Adam we are declared guilty but in Christ we are declared righteous. (5:12-15)

The Experiential Contrast – In Adam our nature is made to live in rebellion against God but in Christ our nature is made to live loving and obeying God! (5:17-21)


Have you surrendered your life to Christ and thus by faith trusted His work to save you and bring you across the bridge into the eternal life of knowing God, or are you still on the other side of the bridge insisting that you either don’t deserve to be there or that you can somehow get to other side all on your on?

Study Notes