The Holy Spirit And Us

Romans 8:5-17 highlights the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer … and its awesome!


If you have surrendered your life to Christ then you are focusing life on what the Holy Spirit is passionate about. (8:5-8)

If you have surrendered your life to Christ, then the Holy Spirit is literally in you! (8:9-17)

  • The significance of the Holy Spirit being in us obligates us to live by Him. (9-13)
  • The Spirit reveals the beauty of your relationship with God so you can choose to be defined by Him. (14-17)


Everybody is making an effort and suffering for something, so what’s your life effort? Is your effort and suffering to fulfill the desires of your flesh, make others feel like you matter, do things that make you feel like you matter; or is it to submit to the leadership of the Holy Spirit in your life and enjoy the relationship Christ has made for you with the Father?

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