Things That Don't Fit, Part 1

Have your ever bought something for your house and when you got it home you found out it didn’t fit? In our relationship with Christ there are things that don’t fit and its really important to know what they are! #ThisIsHome #1John #DareToVenture

Things That Don’t Fit – Part 1

  • We are commanded to not marry our hearts to a system, or the products of a system, that by nature reject God. (2:15a)
  • The reality is that a person is not saved if they live their life married to the ideology, values and possessions of this world. (2:15b)
  • In the end, it is irrational to love the world or things of the world because they will all be gone! (2:16-17)


Be honest about your love for what is of this world and whether or not you are making excuses for it or shoving it out with a growing love and commitment to Jesus?

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