Things That Don't Fit, Part 2

God loves everybody but that doesn’t change the fact that He also made it real clear that certain people don’t belong in his house! Join us for part 2 of what doesn’t fit! #ThisIsHome #1John #DareToVenture #WhoistheAntichrist

Things That Don’t Fit: Part 2

  • Antichrists are always present. (2:18)
  • Antichrists often consider themselves to be “Christian.” (2:19)
  • Antichrists redefine who Christ said He is and in so doing oppose Him! (2:20-23)


It’s one thing to agree that Jesus is God but it’s an entirely different thing to live a life based on it. What are the ways your life and/or faith practically deny the Deity of Christ and thus where you are practically functioning as an antichrist?

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