23 August 2019
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Bible Passage: Romans 15:1-13

In many places across America you can find a church building by simply walking a few steps in any direction – they are everywhere! But is this how the Gospel called the church to function?


The Gospel obligates Christians to serve other Christians they disagree with. (15:1-3)

The Gospel provides Christians the opportunity to be equipped with the endurance, encouragement and hope they need to truly to live in unity with Christians they disagree with. (15:4-6, 13)

The Gospel demands Christians live in unity with Christians they disagree with. (15:7-12)


To live in unity with those in the church (or anywhere else) you have to be filled with the joy and peace that comes through faith in Christ (15:13). Therefore, it is essential to know what is supplying your joy and peace because it will control who you can actually live in unity with?

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