Why God-Given Religion Doesn’t Work
February 3, 2019
Passage: Romans 3:1-20
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Welcome to Venture's 11:00am Worship livestream! If God gave people a religion, would it work? Answer: NO! Why? Join us and find out! #Failure #WhyYourReligionWon'tWork #Romans #DaretoVenture

Posted by Austin Rammell on Sunday, February 3, 2019

If God gave people a religion would it work?

Why God-Given Religion Doesn’t Work

Romans 3:1-20

The religion God gave the Jews was a uniquely significant opportunity to respond to Him in faith. (3:1-2)

The failure of the Jewish people to be saved by the religion God gave them was not a failure of God but rather of man! (3:3-8)

Jews can’t be saved by God given religion for the same reason nobody else can – The Doctrine of Depravity! (3:9-20)


Romans 3:1-20 ultimately teaches us that Israel’s inability to love and obey God even after being given all the God given religious tools possible to do so (personal testimonies of God’s glory (i.e. Rescue from Egypt), specific instructions on what to do (Law) and divine leadership to repent and believe (the Prophets)), was God’s plan to demonstrate to the entire world that no religion can ever save and sanctify mankind! (3:19-20)


How deeply are you comprehending that apart from God’s grace you would not only be condemned to Hell but would also be helpless against your own sin? How is your awareness of your depravity impacting your view of others?

As Americans we are in a very similar situation as the Jewish people were. We have the witness of Christ all around us (the Church), the abundant availability of the Word of God (the Bible) and viable, trained and anointed teachers and preachers to help teach, encourage and equip us to live life out of faith in Him. How are you responding to this opportunity - Complacently not seizing the opportunity, religiously serving yourself with your participation, or faithfully engaging it to be stirred to glad and trusting submission to Christ?

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